Computers are just distractions (Should have been reading this afternoon)

My plan for today was: write a few pages, then spend the afternoon reading on Kant. It's always difficult getting past that first comma in a list. I've been running through the 10 or 15 different news sources that I normally try to keep up with, but which lately I've been slacking off on. Not a good use of optimally awake and productive time!

Anyway, going to get away from the computer for the rest of the evening and spend it reading (about) Kant in Starbucks. I suppose it would be cooler to read Kant himself, but so far I haven't been convinced that reading him in the raw is going to be worth it as far as the insights/effort ratio goes. Not to say he wasn't insightful, but the insights he presented have now become part of the intellectual background radiation of academic thought.

Oh well, suppose I'll take along the primary text just in case :) .


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