Day in review (What was cool about the day...)

I guess the number one cool thing is that grams is fine. There's little pain from the surgery and she was in good spirits. The hospital has been dramatically remodelled since the last time I was there (to be checked for carpel tunnel syndrome years ago). Very pleasant foyer area. I wonder if anyone has looked at the prevalence of using old exterior brickwork within solarium style extensions in Toronto.

The philosophy lecture was interesting, though I couldn't help but feel that we never really discussed the issue at hand; whether it's possible for one to both hold that an action is desirable and that it is not good. I think to actually address it you'd need to be discussing psychology, in addition to philosophy, as it's tied up with notions of the self and self image.

I gather that most of the people there were faculty, rather than grad students, so I didn't really get much of a feel for how attending would feel. (Yes, I'm considering philosophy departments for the masters and PhD, as I doubt I'll find any department that studies design epistemology as a stand-alone subject). The weird thing is that the conversation seemed rather straightforward. Oh, every once in a while I'd get tripped on shared terminology or ideas, but I'd expected to feel underwater throughout.

The chap sitting next to me at the faculty club afterward had the book I just finished reading on Kant. All by itself that was worth going. Sometimes I think there's no one in the world who cares about this stuff.

Interestingly, I ran into Suzanne, Sara's roommate. Apparently she's in the philosophy department. She didn't remember me of course. Still, a cool coincidence.

Tomorrow I'm off to visit grams again, then likely try to get some writing done before heading off to Nousha's for a housewarming dinner.

[later] Almost forgot! I got two free coffees from the bartender at the faculty club. Very pleasant chap with a lovely accent.


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