IT for Africa (Good people gather at Dan's potluck...)

Very pleasant evening at Dan's tonight. Spent most of the time talking with Carole and Simon (the second). Carole is one of those people you really have to admire. The last time we saw her (a year ago) she was trying to put together funding to work in Africa. Since then she's been in Africa working on education programmes for solar ovens and educational movie making. She also has completed her masters and is now planning to return to Africa and work on new projects.

Every once in a while I'm blown away by how cool my friends are. Sometimes it's sitting in a room and realising that everyone there can intelligently discuss String Theory, philosophy, psychology or history. Other times it's stories discussing projects that are elegant attempts to make the world a better place. Often it's watching Shane bringing a little bit of light into people's world. Whatever the circumstance when I'm called to realise it, it's a wonderful feeling.


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