For the ravening OpenGL-ctypes hordes (A few tweaks and fixes...)

Prepping for mini-talk tonight on OpenGL-ctypes I've just been installing it to Tim's laptop. Came across a few shallow bugs along the way; for one, I'd introduced unintended dependencies on FreeGLUT and GLE, those are now caught on failure, there was also a pointless import of Numeric in the glget module (Numeric shouldn't be a dependency for the core library).

Discovered that ctypes needs to be installed or have the source path added to Python path to work properly (it has a that needs to be on the Python path). Symlinking the ctypes directory into the path doesn't work.

Other than that porting to the 32-bit system went fairly well. I don't have the machine in front of me, however, so can't tell whether it's actually going to make pretty graphics or not :) .


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