Good PyGTA Turnout (and other little details...)

Turnout at PyGTA last night was decent, 9 or 10 people, enough to occupy (but not fill) the whole meeting end of the Linux Caffe. I should have brought along some VRML content to display, OpenGLContext's tests just aren't that interesting to watch. Also ran into a bug with the mouse-event handling, thinking it may have just been an extreme slowdown problem.

Today was spent on the importing and charging of the Call Data Records for the VoIP system, as well as the view to display the user's record history for each month in a sortable format. It's yet another "search" view... there's probably 10 of them in the system already, all using the same base code, just tweaked to handle the particular type of thing being searched and displayed.

We were supposed to be getting Shane onto the system and his computer's memory upgraded, but he just called to cancel. Oh well.


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