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Oct. 3, 2005 - Oct. 9, 2005

Another stellar evening! (Life's joys and wonders... and other topics of conversation)

I was just too tired this morning to get up, wound up sleeping most of the day. Finally dragged my lazy bones out of bed, made a quick trip to the market and cleaned the house for having people over for coffee.

Everyone was late, so I got a chapter or two read before they ...

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Dynamics of Delight (by Peter F. Smith)

I was going to start in on the Kant and Hume today, but it was so nice over in the architecture library that I just stayed over there reading. In particular, I picked up a fairly recent book on aesthetics to see what the current thinking is in the field.

Interestingly (for me), there were ...

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A most pleasant day (Reading and talking and coffee, oh my!)

Today was a design theory day, which is to say, a good day. For there really is nothing quite as interesting as spending the day thinking about deep topics. Oh, programming, at its best, can be a pleasant diversion, but it doesn't really challenge the mind in the same way. It's a goal-driven pursuit, rather ...

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First steps to using PySNMP 4.x from Twisted (Transport layer implemented)

As well as rather a lot of reading code and RFCs I started into coding today. First task was to replace the asyncore communications loop with a Twisted Protocol object. Once I got straight which pieces actually relate to the system, and which are part of the asyncore loop it worked fairly well. Gave up ...

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Some month soon I need to get the video card installed (Silly Linux drivers...)

Was just looking at the video card that's been sitting on my desk for far too long now. I just keep avoiding looking at it, as I don't feel like spending hours on hardware that just seems not to want to work. Still, I really do need to get it installed so that Rose can ...

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Numpy no longer going nuts (Was apparently 64-bit problems with 23.7, version 23.8 fixed it)

Spending a few minutes trying to get the Numpy regression worked out. Confirmed that it really was a problem and then went to submit a bug report only to read that 23.8 had fixes for bugs with 64-bit machines. With 23.8 we no longer crash in OpenGLContext with OpenGL-ctypes (well, not in the same place ...

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More PySNMP spelunking (Agents of fortune...)

Spent the half of the day after the management meeting pouring over the PySNMP codebase, trying to decide whether to use PySNMP 4.x or whether to try to teach PySNMP-se 3.5.x how to handle full-featured Agent-side operations. Still no particular resolution. PySNMP 4.x will require some surgery to work with TwistedSNMP, but it does have ...

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Writing SNMP Agents in Python (Investigating options takes longer than I'd hoped...)

Spent almost the whole day today on investigations for how to handle creating a Cinemon SNMP Agent (particularly an HMTS-like entity). There are a few major approaches:

* Extend the existing Agent support in TwistedSNMP to cover just that part of the Agent we need (mostly trap configuration). This already handles the basics of setting/getting, ...

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The Question of Conferences (Good question, Bruce)

Bruce asked in a comment yesterday what I'd like a Design Theory conference to look like. That caused me to think, and, of course, that's always a bad thing.

For me, the primary criteria for any conference is people. I tend to spend 90% of my time out in the halls chatting with people, hammering ...

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