Finally get an IMAP server installed (Local network only...)

I want to be able to access work email from Rose's laptop, but at the moment I'm using Thunderbird with mbox files on my desktop. So, I've now installed an IMAP server on the desktop and am in the process of moving the work email over to using it. I'll have to ssh tunnel into the network to get access to the server, but that's okay for remote operation.

I'm using dovecot set up to use maildir for storage. Eventually I'll likely have Rose use the same server for her Outlook client and then have both of our email repositories backed up using the same script. That should let her use either the laptop or her desktop to access the email and move her one step closer to being able to move to Linux (by eliminating the necessity of using Outlook for email).

I'm using getmail to download the email to the IMAP storage, so I won't have Thunderbird doing that any more (which always seemed rather ugly). Anyway, I think I've probably burned off enough of the caffeine to sleep, so I'll hit the hay pretty soon.


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