Dark Eyes of Fatigue

Some women seem to fall into beauty
The universe conspiring at their side
Blessed with good form and clear skin
They forgo powders that hide or smooth
Clean-faced they face the world

These goddesses put those to shame
They might spend a year at labour
Spending all their energy in strife
Yet mortal eyes will be amazed
At what wonders come to light

A goddess rising from a tousled bed
Will have wild locks of darkest black
Mortal women might spend days
With combs and picks and sprays
In hope to pull off such effect

On completing some great labour
When their eyes are sore and tight
Darken into shadows perfect shaded
Fatigue adorns them like charcoal powder
Therein lies their perfect power

Incorruptible by simple life
Accepting in the dross of living
That lesser women try to hide
They turn it into beauty
To make the mortals wail and cry


  1. Honey

    Honey on 01/28/2006 4:12 p.m. #

    <br />
    I Love The Beauty From Within<br />
    <br />
    There are gods of chiseled face<br />
    Thick rich locks<br />
    Their heads to grace<br />
    Bodies exactingly sculpted<br />
    From blueprints of perfection<br />
    Bronzed under a golden sun<br />
    Skin smooth to lights deflection<br />
    Age seems not to detract from these<br />
    Merely brushing with a weathered look<br />
    And without the slightest effort<br />
    These men the women's eyes do hook<br />
    <br />
    I've felt these men's firm bodies<br />
    Hard against my skin<br />
    And one thing I have noticed<br />
    They're more prone to hardness within<br />
    <br />
    I know of a gentler man<br />
    Set from a different mold<br />
    There is nothing to catch the eye<br />
    Yet his gaze is one I love to hold<br />
    He has this incredible way about him<br />
    Though it's a little rough around the edges<br />
    But I could easily fall deeply into his love<br />
    As against his soft heart he holds no wedges<br />
    He brims the most beautiful music<br />
    That makes my heart to sing<br />
    I sit here now in silence…gosh how much I miss him.

  2. Honey

    Honey on 01/29/2006 3:04 p.m. #

    Is that really what I wrote?<br />
    I see in all this poetry<br />
    I’ve somehow lost my way <br />
    Between the truth<br />
    And outright fantasy<br />
    <br />
    Ok, to set the record straight<br />
    These words appear as more risqué<br />
    Than truth would bring to light<br />
    Upon inspection here today<br />
    <br />
    Let’s just say that I’ve rubbed shoulders <br />
    With a couple of handsome men<br />
    Then we’ll call that understated<br />
    And truth lies somewhere in between<br />
    By no means a scientific study <br />
    On the hearts of divinely crafted males<br />
    (Bless their souls<br />
    Of which I’ve only ever seen <br />
    In movies and fashion magazines)<br />
    But just my minimal experience<br />
    In the weighting of the scales<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    But not to lose the point at all <br />
    Of those that are untouchable <br />
    Through all that fleshly skin<br />
    Versus the more desirable beauty <br />
    That seemingly plain can have within<br />
    I’d have been far better just to give<br />
    The example of the oyster shell<br />
    - A most unattractive exterior<br />
    Encasing a hidden treasured pearl<br />

  3. Honey

    Honey on 01/29/2006 3:19 p.m. #

    <br />
    ooooops! here was the first verse that missed the paste and check process...too rushed this morning. don't know if you can edit posts mikey? <br />
    <br />
    Is that really what I wrote?<br />
    I see in all this poetry<br />
    I’ve somehow lost my way <br />
    Between the truth<br />
    And outright fantasy<br />

  4. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 01/29/2006 4:31 p.m. #

    I can edit comments, though I try not to (after all, that spoils some of the fun). Have added your stanzas for you, though.

  5. Honey

    Honey on 01/29/2006 9:02 p.m. #

    <br />
    thx kindly :)

  6. Honey

    Honey on 01/30/2006 6:29 p.m. #

    <br />
    Drowning In the Wishing Well<br />
    <br />
    Some days draw up diamonds <br />
    Some days draw up stones<br />
    The latter find me wishing<br />
    That I’d left the welling pen<br />
    Within the ink well, well alone<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Let the Sun Shine<br />
    <br />
    Please forgive me Father<br />
    I see not what truth is<br />
    When it’s clouded in desire<br />
    And overcast with tears<br />
    <br />
    Purify with light’s wisdom<br />
    The words that grace my page<br />
    So they mirror not emotion<br />
    But truth that will engage<br />
    <br />

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