Finally get around to installing the Toolkit compiler (Yes, yes, I know, why support a proprietary platform...)

In order to get a binary release of SimpleParse 2.1 for Win32 systems I need to be able to compile Python extensions on the platform. Luckily, I sort of wrote the book on it... unluckily, it's been a very long time since I've done it. The reports that using the .Net 2.0 Framework SDK is a good idea appear incorrect. I had to back that out and use the 1.1 Framework SDK to get the MSVCRuntime versions to match the one that Python 2.4 uses.

Other than that (and the unbelievably long download and install times (this coming from a Gentoo user)), and a few minor porting issues (e.g. a flag that's required to build SimpleParse's copy of mxTextTools on Win32) it was a straightforward operation. It was, however, very time consuming.

Anyway, compiled the OpenGL-ctypes helper extensions while I was there, but didn't sit down to work on the win32 platform module (or WGL). That will have to wait until some other day.


  1. Kevin Dangoor

    Kevin Dangoor on 03/06/2006 10:18 a.m. #

    I've had good success with MinGW, even under Python 2.4. So far, I haven't had any problems with extensions that I've built using it. YMMV, but for me it was fairly straightforward getting MinGW working by following instructions found elsewhere online.

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