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Seem to have OpenVPN working (But I can't really test it from inside the network...)

Okay, I think I've got the OpenVPN connection working now. I'll have to try it out tomorrow morning and fall back to ssh if it fails. Surprisingly involved setup, required compiling a kernel module, editing multiple files, building large numbers of certificates and doing a lot of customisation for the settings.

Twinkle seems to be a decent VoIP Softphone for Linux (Setting up office phone on the laptop for working at Linux Caffe)

Twinkle is a little Qt VoIP Softphone. It seems to work quite nicely with the VoIP account. Haven't tried phoning a live person to see how it works with my microphone, but incoming audio is pretty good on my cable connection. Seems to have all the features I need (and more), so probably go with ...

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