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Of Design finally checked into SVN (And the section on depth is finished (well first draft of it)...)

Productive afternoon at Linux Caffe. Have finished off the first draft of the section on Depth and Complexity. The last few sections are too brief still, but the basic message is there. Next section in the original outline is the one on play, but I've skipped the "discussions courtyard" (keeping in mind that the original ...

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Fix one break the other... (Grr...)

The suspend2 kernel didn't work with the madwifi package I emerged. Updating to an unstable version got it working. The laptop-lid action, however, is no longer actually locking the KDE session (though it's trying, it's not the ACPI system that's failing, the dcop message just isn't doing anything).

Suspend2/Hibernate working (Almost finished the system configuration...)

The trick with the suspend2-sources tree is to get the latest version (2.6.16-r1), not the (comparatively ancient) stable version. Emerging that with the .config I was using for the 2.5.15-r7 with the suspend2 options enabled gives me a properly suspending desktop (when I explicitly tell it to hibernate).

ssh sessions are lost, which is to ...

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Getting your KDE sessions to lock on Laptop Lid Close (A quick and hacky script...)

For those using an ACPI laptop (testing only with the Toshiba Satellite 5100) who want the KDE session to lock when the lid is closed (so that the lid can be closed in a semi-public area to prevent casual snooping), here's a simple script that locks all of the KDE sessions on the machine. Note ...

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ACPI is working (Yay!)

Finally got the ACPI code working. Key is to use the Gentoo power management guide. With that the KDE laptop power control is working properly. Makes the on-power/off-power changes work quite nicely. Next up is the synaptics touchpad. Also got the dhcpcd timeout set so that booting without the wired network connection doesn't take ...

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