I should probably set aside a day sometime soon for Open Source stuff (This is just ridiculous...)

I'm getting so behind on projects that it's just getting ridiculous. Shidan was asking this evening if I still wanted to work on StarPy... I'm hoping to make it a key part of my toolbox... but I just don't seem to get time to work on it. Though my title is Research and Development I spend basically all of my time on contract programming work... pays the bills, but doesn't produce the long term economic benefits of having powerful toolsets available to us.

Anyway, productive day at the office (met our billable-hours target and quite a satisfying amount of work completed within that time), then went to the TAUG meeting held at VON (a conference). The hosts (Pulver Media) gave us tickets to the conference party, free drinks and food, though it was a little too loud for conversation. Apparently the TAUG booth was very popular and was packed all day. Turnout to the meeting was about double our normal crowd.

Tomorrow is a managment meeting, then we start work on the provisioning server project in the afternoon (though probably get some more of the VoIP stuff done too).


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