Lots of OpenGL-ctypes hacking (Moving towards a reasonably operational system on Win32)

Sat down and forced myself to work on the OpenGL-ctypes project today (instead of enjoying the weather). The Linux port is almost there (at least on amd64 and CVS ctypes). The Win32 port is now limping along with missing pieces, rather than being totally nonfunctional.

I've made the C modules for dealing with Numpy/Numarray/Numeric arrays (getting the data pointers) version specific. I've also added numpy support, and made it the default preferred implementation. There are a few little surprises, such as returning non-int and non-float scalars from numpy, but basically everything in OpenGLContext was working with numpy.

The problems I was seeing previously on win32 appear to have been the result of having numpy and Numeric installed, apparently that messes up the Numeric install (Numeric arrays start returning array instances for scalars, sort of half-numpy-half-Numeric operation). I wound up hard-coding the GLUT font IDs. Had to do some guarding against missing GLUT libraries as well. I'm seeing weird "invalid enumerant" errors here and there on win32, haven't figured out what they are yet.

Anyway, more work on it tomorrow.


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