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Too tired to continue (There may be better ways, but I don't see them yet...)

I've been working on a new project that integrates with Cinemon these past few work-days. The first day was pretty much taken up with factoring the common code out of Cinemon that I want to use with the new project. That's all the web-site and application setup stuff that's really pretty generic ...

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I Have Looked

I have looked
It wasn't my intention
Her hands drew my attention
Tying up some knitted thing
Unleashing some dark knotted beast
I had thought locked deep within
Fascinated wordlessly
By the trivial in compare
With her mind and heart
Yet still I could barely push away
The unheard almost-thoughts
That crowded round behind ...

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The Pointless Begging

Perfect ladies must grow weary
Of the endless pointless begging
For their number or their favour

So I would try not to bother
Yet my heart demands her presence
So I join the pointless crowding

Just another in the chorus
Who would be her solace source

Sleepy day and a quiet coffee turns in a party (How pleasant it is to see beautiful women...)

I was up very late last night pondering the question of how to make form-generation and processing that would be both straightforward and flexible enough to handle the vast majority of forms, both AJAX and POST.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning I realised my eyes were just too sore to work, so I ...

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