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What to do with vertex_buffer_objects? (Pushes itself deep into the rest of OpenGL)

A few fixes here and there in OpenGL-ctypes, allows a few more of the samples to run properly. Also did some preliminary testing with PyGame-ctypes (seems to work fine with OpenGL-ctypes). Then sat down to work on the ARB vertex_buffer_objects extension. The extension itself is fairly straightforward, but it's the side effects that make it ...

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Another Gentoo "magic moment" (And an Ubuntu installation...)

Installed Ubuntu Dapper Drake on Soni's machine last night. Install was very simple and seemed to work well. The hard-disk settings application didn't work, and the partitions were all mounted in a weird spot (/tmp) and mounted with NTFS rw, which seems a little dangerous. We didn't figure out how to disable that, but we ...

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