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Aug. 28, 2006 - Sept. 3, 2006

Never get too happy about the OS (It'll bite you...)

Okay, not really "bite" you, but you'll hit one of those moments where you have to rebuild the whole thing from scratch just to be sure that everything's going to work happily together. There's major updates to both glibc and gcc now marked stable on Gentoo. I'm going to do a rebuild world to make ...

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What to do with vertex_buffer_objects? (Pushes itself deep into the rest of OpenGL)

A few fixes here and there in OpenGL-ctypes, allows a few more of the samples to run properly. Also did some preliminary testing with PyGame-ctypes (seems to work fine with OpenGL-ctypes). Then sat down to work on the ARB vertex_buffer_objects extension. The extension itself is fairly straightforward, but it's the side effects that make it ...

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Another Gentoo "magic moment" (And an Ubuntu installation...)

Installed Ubuntu Dapper Drake on Soni's machine last night. Install was very simple and seemed to work well. The hard-disk settings application didn't work, and the partitions were all mounted in a weird spot (/tmp) and mounted with NTFS rw, which seems a little dangerous. We didn't figure out how to disable that, but we ...

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Sometimes you just need to crash (Sleep is good...)

Came home early from Linux Caffe this afternoon to walk Caillou. Turns out Rose was coming home anyway to do it, but oh well. I took him out and then just crashed for the rest of the evening (until around 9:45, when he needed another walk). I would consider doing more work tonight, but I ...

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StarPy patches integrated into CVS (Maybe 20 lines of changes...)

Taking the lunch-hour here to work on getting the StarPy patches integrated. The changes are fairly minor in terms of new functionality, a few bug fixes and adding a few (new) parameters to AMI originate. I haven't investigated, but I gather the "variables" patch is the exposure of the new api for originate that was ...

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Tiniest little bit of StarPy hacking (Pitifully small, really...)

Discovered a little while ago that there were 7 unread messages about StarPy that got sorted into the Thunderbird folder and never read. Urgh. 4 patches, a bug report and an offer to work on the system Duh!

So yesterday I set up the laptop to have Asterisk, StarPy, and StarMail so that I can ...

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