Sysadmin Time Warp (Forgotten how much it consumes...)

Spent the whole day again on sysadmin work. Managed to get the VoIP sub-application installed and functioning, but I still don't have a fully functional ISP Billing System.

Discovered that the new (long promised) schema update for the ISP Billing System is going to cause dozens of (luckily fairly trivial) changes throughout the VoIP sub-application, effectively going to be a flag day change. Bah. Just gave up at that point and went to bed (didn't get to sleep last night). Got up now, thinking I'll just get some breakfast/lunch/dinner and head back to sleep.

Strangely I got up with a strong desire to install Red Alert II on all of the computers here and spend the entire night testing out strategies for world domination... being a sysadmin will do that to you, I suppose.


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