Face-planting hurts (And other trivia from last night...)

Went to the ROM with Soni, her niece and nephew last night. To get there I tried to ride Soni's bike over. Of course, I hadn't thought about riding a bike when I chose (well, I really only have one) my coat for the evening. Long story short I wound up "tied" to the bike as it crashed, with no way to roll out of the crash. My cheek (which took the force of the blow) and skull are still a bit sore, but no lasting damage I can see.

The ROM was fun. Normally when I go I sit for a few hours sketching this or that. Kids make it a totally different experience, we spent the bulk of the time in the interactivity-focussed areas. Neat thing, I saw a chair, identified it as a C.R. Macintosh (one of my favourite architects/designers) and then found out it was his. Who says years in school don't pay off.

Came home intending to work the night away, but by that time I had a dull headache and thought I'd just get some sleep and an early start. Wound up wasting 3 or 4 hours trying to sleep before I actually got to sleep, the headache just wouldn't let me doze off.


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