VRML97 converted to use numpy or Numeric (and setuptools...)

I've converted the VRML97 scenegraph accellerator modules to use numpy (preferred) or Numeric. I also discovered a subtle import error, I had used from ctypes import * in one of the modules and as a result it was shadowing a Numeric/numpy function (resize). I'll have to go through and eliminate all from ctypes import * instances.

I've also begun converting OpenGLContext and the VRML97 projects to using setuptools instead of raw distutils. Mostly in order to allow them to be easy_install'd all together with OpenGL-ctypes and the like. I'll have to reboot to Windows to see if I can produce a binary egg for the VRML97 project. Before doing that, though, I'm going to see if I can convert the FontTools code-base to using numpy and/or Numeric so that TTFQuery will work on numpy installs.


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