Reversal on Ubuntu (I know they don't build from source very often, but really...)

I sat down briefly at Soni's last night to try to test OpenGL-ctypes, and OpenGLContext. After a bit of wrestling to get a non-admin setuptools install I realised that Soni didn't have ctypes installed. Okay, so download and build ctypes... except that the libffi failed to build (compilation errors).

I was too sick/out-of-it to think of recording what the problem was last night (stupid me), so I'll have to try it again the next time I'm over. I just wasn't expecting the problems to be there, I was expecting all sorts of failures in my code, but not in the libraries underneath.

I was hoping for a scenario where I just downloaded and installed and it all worked perfectly on the first try; something to pick me up and make me happy about the project when I was sick. Sigh.

As a side-note, Soni's Ubuntu install doesn't seem to have 3D accelleration enabled for the X server. I guess they don't auto-install the proprietary drivers.


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