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Off to a conference tomorrow and Friday (Seneca FSOSS conference up at York University)

Going up to a little conference at York University tomorrow morning (8:30 am! I'll have to be out of here by 7:30!). Not presenting, just planning on spending the day "networking" (read talking). If it wraps up early I'll try to get downtown to hit the IEEE discussion of the Cell processor architecture at Ryerson. ...

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PyMol shows up on a random computer (Didn't I say I wouldn't do this any more?)

Rose somehow forgot that I'm trying to stop helping people with their infected Windows machines, so she volunteered me to help her friend. Sigh. Anyway, cool thing happened; browsing the start menu to look for suspicious programs I found PyMol!

I think that's cool. Makes me feel somewhat less dumb about contributing to the network ...

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