Off to a conference tomorrow and Friday (Seneca FSOSS conference up at York University)

Going up to a little conference at York University tomorrow morning (8:30 am! I'll have to be out of here by 7:30!). Not presenting, just planning on spending the day "networking" (read talking). If it wraps up early I'll try to get downtown to hit the IEEE discussion of the Cell processor architecture at Ryerson.

Didn't sleep very well last night. Wound up crashing mid-day and sleeping until Shademan and Shiva came over. Not a great day billing-wise as a result. That reminds me, need to do the billing for last week. Urgh. Too tired now. Need to sleep, yet so much needing work.

[Update] I'm totally wrong. The "symposium" is a one-day thing, just the presentations, the workshops are tomorrow. Perfection. I could really use the day to get billables logged, can go to the IEEE meeting without rushing all the way downtown, and can generally relax much more. Yay.


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