Week off starts a little slowly (Sleeping half the day is *not* productive...)

I'm taking the week "off" to work on PyOpenGL. However, this first day has gone rather poorly with regard to actually getting anything done on the project. I read email for 1/2 hour this morning then just curled up on the floor (had been sorting papers on the bed earlier) and slept half the day to make up for getting up so early. Note to self "I should be allowed to sleep in on my vacation" is not an acceptable response to "I should be getting up".

Luckily Caillou (who is now sporting a fairly short haircut and is thus very soft) came over to sleep under my arm, so it wasn't a complete waste of a morning. I was worried that without his long shaggy hair he'd lose some of his cuteness, but the puppy-cut works, even if it does make him look a little "poodle-ish".

I'm currently building the new PyQt release (2.5 compatible out of the box, yay!) so I should have Eric4 up and running on the workstation some time this evening (double yay!). Given it's the only machine with a proper working OpenGL implementation it's far more convenient to work on it than the laptop (the keyboard, chair and monitor are also far more comfortable).

Some minor issues showing up on the client's deployment, will have to help out with those. We are off to a lecture at the University of Toronto at 4:30. Also need to run some errands this afternoon before the talk... maybe I should take a month off :) .


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