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March 20, 2006 - March 26, 2006

No suspense yet (Suspend2 doesn't just magically make it work, apparently...)

Well, have spent a good couple of hours trying to get software suspend working on the new laptop. I've got the kernel compiled, but I can't get it to boot. I'm using:
kernel /kernel-genkernel-x86-2.6.15-suspend2-r8 root=/dev/ram0
init=/linuxrc ramdisk=8192 real_root=/dev/hda4 resume2=swap:/dev/hda3 noresume2

in grub to boot and the kernel is panicking because it can't find the /dev/ram0 ...

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Apparently joy in technology derives from ownership! (Or at least possession...)

Pleasant VexMeet this evening. I sometimes wonder just how bored people must get hearing me prattle on about things. I really need to get out more so I'm not so driven to talk when I see people... coincidentally...

ACI has loaned me a laptop so I can work on various projects in locations other than ...

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Need to speed up PySNMP 3.5.x (PySNMP-se (let alone PySNMP) is still too slow...)

In one of those cases where I'm too clever for my own good, I coded Cinemon to automatically back off from SNMP v2c to SNMP v1 when there were timeouts with the v2c software. The problem is that with v2c I get timeouts all the time due to the rather slow processing of the (large) ...

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Minor TwistedSNMP release is up (0.3.13)

This release just adds an errback so that failures during tabular-retrieval message integration (which shouldn't, but apparently can, occur) will cause the overall table retrieval to raise the error (instead of reporting an uncaught exception). You can get it from the TwistedSNMP homepage, as normal.

Why isn't the inclusion of ctypes the biggest news in 2.5? (I would be sleeping, but the poor little project stared at me with its big brown eyes...)

Did well over a full day's work on Cinemon yesterday, another full day today, but when I was wrapping up today I figured I really did need to get some work done on the VoIP project. So here I am, hours later, with a bit of a caffeine buzz.

Did anyone else note that the ...

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A Few Hours Walk

Some ruby light
In the far distance
A few hours walk
Across the rooftops
Wants me to leave
Walk away from this
Too constrained life
With white-washed
Hope-crushing walls
It wants me to walk
Dreaming toward it
To some other day
Down some other path
Where arms embrace
Smiles are simple and
To walk is ...

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