Tutorial Is Finished (In the sense of presented, it probably needs love from you the reader...)

The tutorial went reasonably well, but had a rather hard time with the lack of networking (writing networked code sans network isn't very practical). We ran out of time due to the delays on getting everyone set up, so we didn't get to talk about Telepathy or what goes on in the packaging process much. Charles suggested it might be an idea to re-run the tutorial as an audio presentation (in a network-enabled environment) so that people could use that when working through.

I'm not terribly disappointed, but I'm afraid I let the lack of network get to me. I should have just switched immediately to the on-screen approach, with more general discussion of what's going on (as distinct from hands-on). It's nice when people can look at the code on their own machines, run it there and the like, but without the network there really wasn't all that much to see from running it locally, and we could have covered more of the actual material.

The handout and source code are available for those who want to get a head start. We had a number of people who had to run the ./999* script to clean out their OLPCGames 1.6 directory before they could run the tutorial. Will need to confirm that the published version doesn't have a HelloPygame activity included in it.

The laptop I brought seems to have decided that now is the time it should become flakey. The glidepad started failing during the presentation, still messed up, and the mouse buttons are randomly failing. I think I may have flexed the machine too much when I hit the "F7" key to try to get the projector online (deflects rather a lot when you press that key... guess I don't use the F keys very often). It's also been having a great deal of trouble with the network. It seems to have settled down on that score, but much of the day it's just been telling me there's no access points anywhere.


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