Galcon Is Fun (Advertising the crack cocaine of games...)

Needed to unwind last night. Went to the Galcon tournament. We (well, I) had a lot of trouble with the networking setup, but it was extremely fun when it worked. I wound up with network timeouts on quite a few games, I'd have to exit, restart and jump back in, finding nothing left of my galaxy-conquering fleet! Egads!

Great game-play, beautiful implementation (I don't really fault the networking code, the environment here is pretty harsh). I'm seriously considering buying 4 or 5 licenses so we could play it at home for lan parties instead of Ages of Empires (Galcon's much shorter games are better for the casual gamer types among our friends).

Van invited me to the Sponsor's reception last night, got to talk to quite a few interesting people there.

I'm thinking I should focus my energy on consulting contracts, as distinct from contract development contracts. Comes right down to it, helping people flesh out their plans early in the corporate process, helping them chart a path between all the possibilities of technology, humanity, perception and business is a satisfying and rewarding thing for me.

Anyway, Ivan's keynote is in a few minutes, so I suppose I'll head into the hall after I grab a coffee. (Only my 8th this morning).


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