Code Aesthetics @ PyGTA

Here's the plan for the PyGTA meeting this Tuesday (the 15th).

Bring a piece of code that you love. Something that's elegant, beautiful, efficient, useful, perfectly formatted, meaningful, warped or wonderful in some way. We'll take 5 minutes each and present our chosen piece of code. Then we'll have people ask questions about the code and why you love it.

The code has to be something that can be exposed to the public w/out any non-disclosure agreements or the like, but doesn't necessarily have to be Open Source or distributed. What we're looking for is a discussion of the beauty in the code, the amazing things about it that make it worthwhile. The code does not need to be your own work, nor does it necessarily need to be in Python.

If possible, try to cut down the code you present to a couple of pages (screens) of code, but if your aesthetic preference runs to big systems, be able to describe the system you choose well enough to communicate the wonder of it to the rest of us.

Is there any beautiful code out there? Does beauty in code matter? Is code poetry or just grotty machinery?

BTW: yes, there's a DemoCamp on the 15th as well, but it's already sold out. We're *so* much cooler anyway...


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