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Sept. 1, 2008 - Sept. 7, 2008

Want that tool, but cores are useless without debug symbols

Tried to get the gdb-with-python recipe (that we discussed at PyGTA) to investigate the crashes from the rewrite.  I gather it requires that you have debugging symbols built for Python and all of the modules for it (well, to be able to trace into them, anyway).  I'm on an Ubuntu box here, not really sure ...

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Sigh, too far, too fast

Have had to shelve the changes for PyOpenGL to use the pyglet generator for the core code.  Wound up getting extremely hard-to-debug errors which appeared to be due to corruption of object's GC structures (possibly due to GIL-holding issues) when I switched to a Linux 32-bit platform (instead of 64-bit).

I don't want to hold ...

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Mind your Ps, Qs and CCallbacks

Been debugging a weird error in GLUT this evening.  Basically if you went into OpenGLContext and used a right-mouse-click-and-drag to rotate around the center-of-view, there would, every once in a while, be a seg-fault.  It didn't happen if you rotated a bit more slowly, or you turned on full logging to see what's going on, ...

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Look, but don't worry about them...

One of my colleagues was mentioning a book he'd read in which the author claimed that the most important thing we should be doing was figuring out a way to deflect "killer asteroids" (I assume or meteorites) intent upon destroying the Earth.  The author was apparently saying our greatest need as a society was to ...

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