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Dec. 15, 2008 - Dec. 21, 2008

"Wow, what a sale they must be having", I thought

I really do love Toronto.  I've never been anywhere else that has such a riot of cultures all flowing (relatively) smoothly along beside each other.  Faces on the subway are so varied that it seems like a United Nations meeting.  There's every type of restaurant you can imagine and quite a few you wouldn't have ...

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Have lost suspend-to-ram functionality on the laptop

Today was the first time I connected a projector to the new laptop.  Good news: worked reasonably well, though we couldn't find the option to tell the laptop to display different values on the projector and the screen.

Bad news: something has changed in the settings such that the laptop can no longer recover from ...

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Two Talks at PyCon

Looks like two of my talk proposals for PyCon have been accepted.  One is an intermediate/advanced talk porting your code to OpenGL 3.x, the other an introductory presentation on Profiling/optimization.  Should be fun :) .

Symmetric networking is cool

Back when I was doing the next-generation (now many generations old) Multi-User Technology (MUTech) for Holodesk I thought it was really cool that there was no "server", it was all just peers where any given object could be hosted on any machine, and the system would let you set up (potentially one-way) proxies on any ...

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Programming Mantras (Rough Notes)

Here are my rough notes from PyGTA's programming mantra's discussion this evening:

In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.
   Have a vision before you start coding.
   Know your task.
   Know your client.
   Ignore the impossibility behind the curtain.
Your clients don't know what they want.
   Charge by the hour.
   Play around with ...

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