Back from the Tropics

Got back from the Caribbean on Saturday morning.  Wound up sleeping most of Saturday and Sunday to recover (somehow working down there was way more exhausting that working up here, though being sick and not sleeping well might have been part of it).

Spent yesterday on personal errands, little cleanup tasks for various projects, and poking at a weird GLU error in one of the PyOpenGL-Demo demos (GLU is rendering GLU_FILL as a very narrow band of faces around the knot-points rather than a solid surface).  Works fine in OpenGLContext, but the stand-alone GLUT/NURBS demo doesn't work.

Today has been meetings, emails about issues, minor fixes in projects, correspondence and the like.  My yen is screaming at me to work on pretty graphics things (or CAD things), but I really need to get to work on the paying stuff.

Finding the current project interesting, but I'm not getting a proper "shut off" at night, so I wind up not sleeping properly as I wake up every few hours with some new way we *could* approach some issue.  All that is throw-away of course, the solutions in the middle of the night are always the "perfect" way to approach something, some ridiculously perfect solution that would solve all the problems, but would take months to implement, rather than the hours than a good enough solution would require.

Over-engineering creeps up in the darkness and we must be vigilant against its subtle approach.


  1. Jonas Beckman

    Jonas Beckman on 02/10/2009 1:51 p.m. #

    "Over-engineering creeps up in the darkness and we must be vigilant against its subtle approach."

    Yes! How true. I am home with a bad flu at the moment and have fresh experience of the temptation to overextend working solutions in a fever haze. That way lies madness... revert, revert! Better to to stop coding and get some sleep.

    Take care and good luck with your current projects!

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