Dependency Heck

Our main workstation/server at home has been doing "Bad Things"(TM) recently, mostly having KDE crash on login, random KDE applications crash when they were clicked, and generally sucking.

Have spent almost the whole day trying to fix it.  This is a Gentoo box, and I'm afraid we just don't use it as a workstation much any more.  For the past few months I've been continuing to maintain it, but without much actual use/testing.  The KDE 4.1 install basically seems to have been hosed by some Qt update or another.  Since I haven't really been using the machine, though, I'm not sure what update or even when the failure was introduced.

Seeing as KDE 4.2 was out, I decided instead of fixing 4.1 I'd build 4.2.  It took a few hours just to clear out all the blocking/conflicting packages, and now I seem to be stuck in a dependency loop of some sort.  Basically, while the latest PyQt4 seems to be declaring a dependency on Qt4.4, when I try to build it Qt4.5 *and* Qt4.4 are both pulled into the dependency chain and I'm SOL.  I'm trying now building Qt4.4 explicitly and seeing if a "shallow" build will get PyQt to build against that.

It is to sigh, as I haven't done any billable work all day thanks to this (though I must admit, I slept late).

[Update] Goodbye sweet Gentoo.  I haven't got the time to muck about with this stuff any more.  Kubuntu Intrepid is now installed and is downloading all the various programs I like to use.  Gentoo was a good experience for me as a Linux newbie looking for something that would tell me what was going on under the hood, but these days I want a distribution that "just works" on the machines I use every day.


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