Sync Thunderbird Contacts to Bluetooth Phone?

Got the Nokia 6301.  I'm underwhelmed, but whatever, it's an included-with-the-plan phone. However, I can't find a good program for working with it over BlueTooth, wammu seems to be the only thing that can talk to it, but it doesn't seem to have any hooks into desktop applications (Thunderbird's what I care about) for sync.

What do people use for syncing their contacts on Linux to bluetooth phones?


  1. Aleksander Jeric

    Aleksander Jeric on 03/18/2009 6:56 p.m. #

    In TB I'm using Zindus to sync with Google (Gmail) and Zimbra. Google supports syncing with Windoze Mobile ActiveSync and also Nokia.
    This way you don't need a BT sync!

    You just set up a new profile on your Nokia to sync only contacts.
    On my WM6 phone I'm also using sync with activesync to Gmail. It's really nice because it sync user pics to..
    (to booth phone and booth computer - Linux and Windoze but without pics...)

  2. serially frustrated with nokia sync

    serially frustrated with nokia sync on 06/24/2009 4:42 p.m. #

    There appears to be no way to do this without uploading your data to the cloud. Thunderbird -> Google -> Nokia S60 is easy; Thunderbird -> Funambol -> Nokia S60 also easy. But I don't want to give my personal (though completely unimportant, I admit) data to someone else, and it seems like Thunderbird -> Nokia directly just isn't possible.

  3. BasherBob

    BasherBob on 08/17/2009 7:30 a.m. #

    I've been searching for similar things and came across the following:

    NokSync is a plugin for Thunderbird that works. The only downside is that you also need Nokia PC Sync v6.82 which Nokia doesn't distribute any longer. Google is your friend!

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