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A Good Day

Opaque, transparent and select (with colours, not select mode) rendering are now all working in the new renderer.  That was more than I was expecting to get done today.  I should likely work on occlusion/frustum queries next (should be fairly easy, Shapes already have queries to check against the frustum and/or do occlusion ...

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Scene sorting with numpy...

You often want to be able to calculate the eye-space coordinate of a given model-space coordinate. One of the most common reasons is to calculate the distance to a given object from the camera (depth in the scene) so that you can do sorting of the scenegraph.

Why would you want to sort a scenegraph ...

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World Plone Day is tomorrow...

There's a Toronto event as part of World Plone Day that I'm intending to attend (free registration is available off that link).  Interesting to see the Toronto Plone group organizing something like this.  They also have regular meetings for those who are aren't able to attend the WPD day-time event.

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