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July 6, 2009 - July 12, 2009

Tentative PyGTA Site Rework

We've had a number of discussions at PyGTA about the sorry state of the wiki/web-site.  No one really uses the wiki features, and the whole site is overkill for what is basically just a bit of a description.  So, for now I've hashed together a quick one-page site that looks like junk at the moment, ...

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Javascript and Namespaces...

Say you want to trigger the submission of a form in jquery:


Simple, straightforward, robust... you think.  Turns out in Firefox, if you have any form element (such as your submit button) named "submit", the submit referenced becomes that element, rather than the function to do the submission.

OMG, you think, has no-one thought ...

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Chromium is nice-ish...

I installed the Chromium daily build in order to test a site in a WebKit browser that actually had a JS debugger (see previous post).  All in all, quite nice.  Strangely, though, it seems much slower than Firefox 3.5 on the site I'm testing.  Takes quite a while for the backgrounds and the like to ...

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PyOpenGL Testing on Linux and Win32 Today

Spent most of the afternoon and evening working on PyOpenGL testing today.  Whole raft of small bugs fixed.  Also did some refactoring of the OpenGL_accelerator support code, still want that to be cleaner.  I've also added a top-level flag to PyOpenGL so that you can disable accelerator loading on a per-application basis.  Unfortunately, that's going ...

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Python 2.6+ buffer protocol...

Been playing around with the Python 2.6+ buffer protocol this morning.  Notes:

  • it appears that ctypes could support buffer-supporting objects being passed as pointers natively (i.e. at C speed), but it doesn't seem to (at least with my cursory tests) there would likely be a lot of corner cases that would need to throw errors ...

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