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Nov. 16, 2009 - Nov. 22, 2009

Research in Action

The other event of the day yesterday was University of Toronto's Research in Action show. This is a booth-based presentation of various research, whether formal or informal, being done at the University. My interest is primarily in figuring out how to:

  • Use Open Source to make it easier for researchers to make their work relevant ...

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Code-dojo seemed to work well

We decided to use the 21-line spell checker as a sample case for playing with Cython last night. We immediately ran into a few uses of not-yet-supported features (at least, in the default Ubuntu version of Cython), things like lambdas, generator comprehensions, etceteras). We spent a while playing with moving code about in modules to ...

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Code-dojo on Cython @ PyGTA on Tuesday

PyGTA this month is going to try a code-dojo with the goal of speeding up some Python package up using a Cython extension module. We'll decide which module to speed up at the meeting, but if you have suggestions, would like to hear them. Should be a (pure) Python module which could benefit from C/Cython ...

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