A few shots from the party (Still working on the best settings for very-low-light operation)

Most of the shots I took at the party turned out fairly poorly, either they were washed out (flash) or very dim/blurry (no flash). Oh well, some day I'll get that all worked out and be able to take images in low-light situations without losing 90% of the pictures to blur.

I've spent the bulk of the day on large-ish re-specification/feature request tickets. Unfortunately mom went to bed in the living room at 9pm, so I've not had any coffee since then (eeps!)

I do finally have the digital camera automatically recognised and the permissions working when I plug it in. That really should be something that's automatic IMO, having to choose and edit a configuration file (to decide what type of permission scheme to use) is... sub-optimal. Anyway, it does now work to simply plug it in, start up digikam and download the images.

One of these day's I'll have to work on making the thumbnail/contact sheet generator a little less crude... maybe even build a database-backed viewer that can browse the whole collection as one. Or just pick one up and deploy it.


  1. Aigars Mahinovs

    Aigars Mahinovs on 01/01/2006 10:35 a.m. #

    It is normal to lose 90-99% of the pictures. A bounce flash could help you in this situation - you could have the flash burst reflected from a wall or ceiling and thus have a more natural looking pictures with good enough shutter rates so that shaking is not a problem.

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 01/01/2006 10:53 p.m. #

    Hmm, you know, I'd completely ignored the possibility of bouncing the flash. I've seen people take the flash on consumer-style cameras and redirect using their finger... wonder if it will work with mine. Thanks for the suggestion!

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