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Dec. 7, 2009 - Dec. 13, 2009

Single-File Tutorials, Gimmick or Valuable Constraint?

I just finished writing the code for the 12th shader tutorial, which is basically taking the 11th tutorial, which is still a "single-file application" tutorial, and converting it to use the OpenGLContext Shader scenegraph nodes and generally look (slightly) more like a real-world rendering engine.

I like single-file tutorials, but really there's a point at ...

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Shader Tutorial Cleanup

Beginning work on cleaning up the introductory shader tutorials.  Basically separating out the various component calculations into reusable functions and making it possible to use generic scenegraph objects for the geometry to be displayed.  Working on that because it really seems that beyond a certain point there's diminishing returns in working on the shadow tutorials ...

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