IE6 Can Bite My Shiny

Figured I should test on IE7 and 8, and as usual when I go to test on IE, I found myself thinking "really?" about the bugs that showed up... missing "push" and "forEach" on arrays?  Crashing because of a check for whether an attribute is defined?  Requiring a different event-binding to capture <return>?  Sigh.  Whatever.  There's still a dumb bug where IE8 loses focus if you chat too fast (looks like a timing issue somewhere, bah).

I considered downloading the MS IE6 compatibility VM image... but then I realized it's 700+MB for something that's time-bombed to stop working in April... there's something really cathartic in saying to yourself "I refuse to support IE6 in this project."  I could just fire up my old Win2K image and use that to test, but honestly, a big fat "Get Real, Update your Browser, You're at a Tech Conference" message feels better :) .

Also tested on the BlackBerry browser, I'm going to put that on the "don't bother" list for now.  I don't have a debugger there, and while the errors look pretty shallow, I just don't have that much motivation.  iPhone and Safari will likely work (being pretty close to Chromium).  I'll see about getting a friend to test those, maybe at PyGTA this month.

I did a bit of refactoring of the torchannels stuff, making the entry points a little more meaningfully named, adding documentation, using a JSON parser/linearizer instead of JQuery's eval-based approach, and generally trying to wrap up the "plumbing" part so I can get to the tool itself... hopefully I really am there now and can start coding the fun bits.


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