Bad Coder, No Cookie

We use globalsub and MockProc extensively in our test-suite at work.  Today I wanted to look up the name of the argument in MockProc (we use globalsub in almost every test case, so I don't need to look that up).  So, look up the docs... wow, whoever wrote this library really sucks, there's just some stupid blog post rather than real documentation.  What a loser!  Oh, yeah...

So, suitably shamed, I sat down and wrote a bit of documentation this evening for both packages.  Cookies!


  1. Peter Shinners

    Peter Shinners on 01/19/2012 11:19 a.m. #

    I'll have to look into globalsub. I'm doing something similar in my reimport package, and I'm hoping to glean more elegance into it.

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