2Day Python (Our Tutorial for Software Carpentry)

Went to the Ladies Learning Code Python session dry run this evening and it reminded me that we never got the Software Carpentry tutorial up.  It's now available for live reading at:


and you can branch and alter/adapt the source (in restructured text) as you wish using:

bzr branch lp:2daypython

One thing that seemed like a good idea from the presentation tonight is the idea of using a real-life example of how to break down a task into steps as a motivational introduction.  I may add that.  I'd also like to break the lesson plan page into multiple pages and let a presentation layer tweak handle making smooth transitions.

Oh, and I apparently lost my "interactively worked examples" from the presentation when I lost my laptop hard-drive, so I suppose we should re-do those and add them to the respository.

The revised title (2DayPython instead of Software Carpentry Python Session) is both to avoid conflicts with Software Carpentry's official "branding", and because I'd likely structure the sessions differently if I were to teach it again, i.e. it would actually be 2 days of *just* Python, so we could have far more time and get farther through the core material.


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