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Setting a timetable is good (Launching and the like)

Set a timetable to launch the VoIP project early Tuesday morning. I decided based on two things; one was D'Arcy asking if we were going to do it soon, the other was realising that the task I was doing when he asked wasn't really something that needs to be in place for the launch. It's ...

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Bootstrapping Material Culture (More thinking about applications for the OLPC project...)

Thinking about using the OLPC laptop to provide a sort of trade-school experience for teens or pre-teens, providing them with the information required to undertake infrastructure projects of various sizes. The idea is to have the projects drive interest in science and technology, encouraging students to actually work to build things with the knowledge they ...

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Attempting to build sugar (Between the work-times)

I've been taking breaks every little while to try to get the Sugar environment for the One Laptop Per Child project to build on Gentoo. So far this has just been a matter of having the system build lots of libraries. No big deal, it comes down to a single emerge command to get ...

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Productive day (If somewhat long)

Spent the first part of the day on multiple tasks/tickets, cleaning up loose ends, general development stuff. Then, as the sun began to sink I switched to the remaining open big-ticket items. Just a few minutes shy of 6 billable hours, though that took about 9.5 real hours to complete.

Thinking out loud dump of requirements for ISP Billing System (Open Source from the start, as they say...)

I've just been dumping some of my thoughts into a wiki regarding the possible project to produce an Open Source ISP Billing system for use by small (likely Cable) ISPs. It's by no means a polished document, I basically just scribbled on a piece of paper for a few hours and then transcribed the ideas ...

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Hitting targets is fun! (No wonder first-person-shooters are popular in business...)

Hit my target of billable hours (actually, 5 minutes more) for the day. Since then I've been doing a bit of work on the various minutae of making a business run. I blocked on the cards, as I need a business phone number to put on them. Been playing with the text for the web ...

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Taxonomies of Neighbourhoods (Himy's adventures in community building)

Blogging from Linux Caffe. Himy (one of Sacha's friends) is interested in creating neighbourhood-level tools for allowing users to both enhance their own communities and share that information with other similar communities.

I'm thinking it would be helpful if there was a taxonomy of neighbourhood types that would allow communities to self-identify (or be professionally ...

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An application for the $100 laptop (Voice training for children (or adults))

I've had an idea for a very simple application for the last year or so. It just requires a microphone and reasonable speakers hooked up to a laptop. I think that the OLPC laptop is supposed to have a microphone or microphone jack. Don't know that I'll have time to work on the software, but ...

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Refactoring is surprisingly time-consuming (Implications upon implications...)

The bulk of the refactoring started yesterday is now finished. I basically just have a new bit of functionality that falls out as an "of course you'll want that" now that the rest is working. Something about the CRT screen is really bothering my eyes (it's a very good screen, but it's now also very ...

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Networking for fun and profit (Night of Asterisk and related conversations...)

At the Asterisk meeting this evening spent most of the time chatting with Mike Dancy and then Ron Kawchuk. Mike mentioned that there's a small cable company up North that might be interested in one of the projects. Apparently Mike was the provider of the RT31P2 ATA units we're working with.

Ron suggested a number ...

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