Setting a timetable is good (Launching and the like)

Set a timetable to launch the VoIP project early Tuesday morning. I decided based on two things; one was D'Arcy asking if we were going to do it soon, the other was realising that the task I was doing when he asked wasn't really something that needs to be in place for the launch. It's important and useful for a particular feature, but people can use the system without it quite well.

Last two days have been okay, but not stellar for billables. A little over 4.5 hours yesterday, but a little under 3.5 today (so far). Yesterday was mostly me getting distracted with possible projects and spending time on writing down the ideas before they faded. Today was just fatigue/pain from yesterday's too-intense typing forcing me to take a nap in the middle of the day to get the hands back to full function.

I'm hoping to get another hour or two of testing done after dinner with Sacha, Simon and Shane, though I really wouldn't mind hanging around to all hours of the night discussing ideas. Still, with that plan I'll hold off entering the day's work on the invoice.

Oh, I got my GST number today. Yay! I also had another friend call up wanting to contract out my services. I'm likely going to have to look at finding a subcontractor to bring in for a few days a week pretty soon. Will see how steady the project proves to be, first, though.


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