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Hey users, you can create a blog with 4 or 5 clicks of a mouse (Just in case any of you read this one some day...) provides Zope accounts on request to any of our users, so you can readily create a Zope-based blog like this one with just a few clicks of a mouse. The object to select from the Zope management interface is "CoreBlog". After adding one to your Zope folder, you're off to the races. You can ...

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The glories of web-development (Did two whole days just disappear down this silly thing's gullet?)

So, I'm almost there with the main-page UI rework. Unfortunately, IE is back to dropping the whole of the main view down below the left-side "info boxes", so totally destroys the effect. At the moment I'm using the original "tabular view" layout for the tree, with just the addition of some custom code to render ...

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Some of whatever knocked me out is lingering (Waste of time in silly unconsciousness)

Tim, Selena and myself all apparently had trouble sleeping last night. I'm still feeling sort-of out of it, which could be part of the original problem or simply a reaction to the messed up sleeping schedule. Just took a quick nap that turned into 4 hours yet didn't refresh me at all.

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