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Redefining foreign keys, much easier than I thought (Accessing database over ssh w/ 10 network hops is *very* slow...)

For those who are interested in how to alter the ON DELETE/ON CASCADE features of a foreign key constraint. There's no need whatsoever to alter the system catalogs directly, I'd just missed the ALTER TABLE variant that drops constraints, namely "DROP CONSTRAINT".

Turns out that the drop commands are using the pg_depend table to decide ...

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Dratted postgresql failures are getting in the way... (I know, I know, if I hadn't poked where I shouldn't have I wouldn't have this problem...)

On Friday I made the mistake of trying to add ON DELETE constraints to a number of foreign-key field references. I wrote a little script that went through and altered the PostgreSQL system tables trying to drop the foreign-key references and then re-generate them with ALTER TABLE. Unforunately, that script messed up by not taking ...

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Firefox and Thunderbird switch... (Switched to fix broken spell-check, now it works in Mozilla but not Thunderbird)

While rebuilding Rosey's machine, I decided to see if I couldn't get Firefox and Thunderbird working on my machine. Problem I've been having is that there's nothing in the UI for the mail client (Thunderbird) for importing Mozilla 1.7 settings and messages (though there's lots for importing from other mail clients).

Anyway, it does appear ...

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