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Why do we still have software patents? (Have they helped foster invention? No. Then why grant them?)

Just seems insane to me that people can get patents on what are essentially just ideas. It should not be possible to patent "using a computer + network to do x", yet that's what's being done. It should not be possible to patent basic mathematics or algorithms, yet we allow it. And every time we ...

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Extreme Twisted Goodness! (Days are more productive with extreme programming... though having a "User" would be useful)

The day's work was basically getting the hierarchy-discovery code moved into the ping-scanner framework. As a side effect, I've finally built a full-system simulator for the CMTS+Channels+modems... makes writing tests much easier, which in turn gives a better feel to the development process... a good day :) .

The actual mock CMTS + Modems are ...

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