Mmm... sales (Well, sales documentation...)

Wound up taking almost 3/4 of an hour explaining a new (heuristic) feature (that triggered a little too readily last night) to Bryan in email (and coming up with a way to improve it as I did), so not as much of the "what's in the box" document as I'd planned, but I did get started. It's strange, but the tool is so rigorously minimalist and orthogonal that the features sound like nothing until you explain what they let you do in combination.

Somehow that gives me hope/pride/something, it really does seem like a good tool, rather than a mere aglomeration of features. I still have to go through the whole explanation of the balance of scanning intensity versus the need for powerful servers and how Cinemon does all that it does with so little "horsepower". All in all, an enjoyable exercise.

But now must put it aside and get ready for the meeting w/ Steven. Pull out the code, get a server and client running, re-familiarise myself with the various elements, that kind of thing.


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