Happy that the taxes are simpler? (Or depressed that my investment income totalled less than $100 for a year!)

Took a quick trip up to the bank between helping D'Arcy and starting Cinemon work today. Taxes are due tomorrow evening in Canada, and I'd not been able to find any T5 (investment income) slips from the banks with which I do business.

So, I trundled over and asked them to print out some T5s for me... and they told me that there were none to issue. Total interest paid over the year on *all* of my investments was under $100 (CDN, mind you), so they didn't bother to issue T5s.

In other money news, Shademan tried to give me a $2000 cheque. He rather overestimated the value of a sofabed, IMO :) .

Anyway, am now in the middle of trying to figure out why modems are disappearing. Am to that point in the debugging cycle where you realise you're just pounding your head against it and it must be simpler than you are thinking, so you have to step back and give the information time to percolate properly.

Our friend Brenda has offered to run my taxes through her (professional) tax prep software (she's an accountant), so at least I don't have to spend this evening thinking about that :) . Going over sometime after 17:00.


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