Holy disappearing weekend (Nary a bit of production to be seen...)

Comes right down to it, I didn't produce anything this weekend. I once again sat down to work on my examination of Modernist Architecture and once again had to stop when I realised that I needed to read more. Read more, but didn't get back to the writing. Kinda felt like talking to <elided> this evening, but she didn't seem into it. Just some thoughts I wanted to discuss. Weird, now I can't even remember what they were. Maybe I just wanted to be understood for a few hours.

Spent a few hours here and there trying to figure out this silly blockage that's occuring in the new Cinemon code. AFAICS it's just over on the web front-end side, but it's a 3 or 4 minute block, so totally unacceptable. I'm currently thinking that the OpenSSL handshake code is tying up the incoming port, mostly because much of the time the OpenSSL code throws a handshake-failed exception just before the logjam clears.

Have to focus on that tomorrow, though there's some back-porting I need to do as well. Anyway, guess I'll go to bed and think about all this tomorrow.


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