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Urgh, I didn't even notice the trackback spam! (120+ spams likely sitting there for days helping the blaggards...)

Okay, so I've turned on trackback moderation to keep that from happening again. Still means I'll have to click "delete" hundreds of times, but at least they won't get anything out of it. I get so few legitimate trackbacks it's not a huge loss to have them have a delay before publishing.

Incidentally; die, spammers, ...

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Maybe it's time to add a Bayesian classifier for comments (More spam... evil spam...)

Spambayes is just sitting there, beckoning me. The idea is that you would configure a Hammie instance as a Zope object pointing to an on-disk database (to avoid balooning the ZODB). You would train on all comments in your blog (assuming you have only good comments), then train on any spam that comes in.

The ...

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We all hate dream journals (Yet still I post...)

I know my dreams generally bore others; so won't describe them. Just note that last night was full of dreams of cleaning and clearing out, of moving forward and fixing broken things that are impeding progress.

There was also some point where I was composing poetry... not sure if I was awake or asleep at ...

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Days of marketing splendour (Drat it, how many t's in that word!)

Spent the bulk of yesterday on various marketing tasks, reviewing and rewriting the product introduction, recreating screenshots in higher resolutions, finalising the demo install for the San Antonio conference.

The annoying part is that I didn't really enjoy it. Normally I love doing marketing-type work, it's a design discipline, after all. This time I just ...

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