Days of marketing splendour (Drat it, how many t's in that word!)

Spent the bulk of yesterday on various marketing tasks, reviewing and rewriting the product introduction, recreating screenshots in higher resolutions, finalising the demo install for the San Antonio conference.

The annoying part is that I didn't really enjoy it. Normally I love doing marketing-type work, it's a design discipline, after all. This time I just kept falling into thinking "but this was all supposed to be done a month ago by someone else" which is not a good way to find peace and contentment in your life.

Anyway, after work I went out to get a gift for a friend's birthday. Really felt like having a coffee with someone, but all of my Bahá'í friends were at feast, and <elided> was cooking dinner. Don't really have anyone else I call up to invite out for coffee on a whim. So, no coffee for me.

Today I'm off to Aurora to meet with the marketing guys. This will be AFAIK the first time anyone save me has seen the demo version of the product. Hopefully there won't be too many things that need to be changed before they go.


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